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November 28th, 2011


If you have a project with dozens or even hundreds of tasks, it may get hard to find what you need. Wouldn't it be nice to view only the tasks you are assigned to or just the urgent ones? And for project managers, wouldn't it be great to do the same for all your projects?

flow.io now supports flexible task filtering by type, user or keyword, and remembers your filters for each project. Best of all, there is no delay, your board is updated in real-time as you change your filter settings.

flow v3

September 18th, 2011

New Flow

It has been almost a year since we released v2, and we have been working on v3 ever since. At first glance, flow v3 may look quite different than its predecessor, but its core stayed the same. The changes focus almost exclusively on the user interface, with the goal of giving you more control over your projects.

Full-screen interface

We have redesigned flow's user interface from the ground up. You can now quickly switch between projects using tabs. They work very much like the tabs in your web browser. We tried hard to keep the focus on the board. Now that you can use keyboard shortcuts, you can turn off the toolbars to maximize the board space.


Keyboard Shortcuts

flow has full support for keyboard shortcuts. You can use the arrow keys to select tasks and navigate menus. There is a single key shortcut for virtually all commands. To see the available shortcuts on a page, click the black arrow in the top-right corner or simply press 'X'.


Multi-project view

Project managers need to be on top of things all the time. flow shows you the current state of all your active projects on the same page. You will wonder how you lived without this before.

Improved recent activity

Recent activity could sometimes get hard to follow. So, we grouped the activity stream by task — nice and neat.


flow is now available in German and Russian (thanks to Stephan and Vital) in addition to English, Portuguese and Turkish. If you would like to translate flow to your language or see errors in a translation, please let us know.

flow v2

October 16th, 2010

New Flow

Up until now, we have made incremental updates to flow almost every month. Each update improved a specific part of flow, and gave you better charts, better comments, and better snapshots among other things, but this update is different. It touches almost every part of flow. We have been having a blast using v2 during testing, and hope that you will feel the same way.


Elapsed and Estimated Times

By using statistical analysis of your past performance, flow makes real-time estimates and displays a progress bar on each task. The bar turns yellow if you pass 100% (this is an estimate after all — it is ok to be a little late). If you are really late, however, the bar turns red. You can click the progress bar to see the elapsed and estimated times.



You can now see all completed tasks as small colored dots on the calendar. Do not be surprised if you see dots under future dates — they correspond to tasks with estimated completion dates. Clicking on the dots will display detailed information about the tasks. The calendar also acts like a time machine. You can go to any past date, and see how your project looked like on that date including old progress bars!


We have a lot of international users, and it is time to have localized versions. flow is now available in Portuguese (thanks Daniel) and Turkish in addition to English. If you would like to translate flow to your language or see errors in a translation, please let us know.

Animated Replay

Animated Timeline

September 4th, 2010

flow's unique snapshot feature has always allowed users to go back in time and see how a project looked like at a certain date, but wouldn't it be great to actually see a playback of the changes: tasks getting created, tasks being assigned to people, tasks flying around like a deck of cards?

The answer is yes, and we are excited to introduce Snapshots v2. Clicking a date on the calendar now shows you a complete replay of events that took place. The direction of playback is backwards if you go back in time, and forwards if you go to a date in the future. Best of all, you can adjust the playback speed to your liking, or turn playback off completely.

A screenshot wouldn't do justice, so here is a short video to show how it all works.

Metrics Reloaded

Box plot chart
The new cycle breakdown chart shows you the variations in phase and cycle times.

July 17th, 2010

Metrics have been redesigned from the ground up. First, we have a new cycle breakdown chart, a great way to analyze the variations in phase and cycle times. Each box plot in this chart shows you:

  • The minimum and maximum times (the ends of the "whiskers" at the bottom and the top respectively).
  • The times between the first and third quartiles (Q1 and Q3) as a bar. This is where bulk of the times should be.
  • The median (50% value) as a white band somewhere inside the bar. Half of the times are below the median and half are above.
  • The outliers (if any) as black dots which are way outside the minimum and maximum times.

Second, we have a chart selector that allows you to switch between charts with ease. If you see an outlier in the cycle breakdown chart and wonder which task took so long, it takes only a second to switch to the "completed tasks" chart to locate the task in question.

Third, if you are using a device with a small screen like a netbook or an iPad, the page layout automatically changes to make room for the charts.

iPad Support

flow on iPad

June 9th, 2010

A touchscreen is a great way to interact with your board. It simply feels more natural and fun to move tasks around.

  • Drag and drop tasks with the touch of a finger.
  • See more of your board by simply changing your iPad's orientation.
  • Close the side-bar when you need more space.
  • No apps to download.

Works on your iPhone, too!

Comments Got Better

Task Details

June 1st, 2010

The task details page has been completely redesigned to display more information in less space for those with limited screen real estate. Comments not only look better, but are more functional. Administrators can now edit all comments whereas regular users can edit only the comments they have posted.

Usability Improvement

Anatomy of a Task

May 25th, 2010

Some users were having problems with dragging tasks. It was too easy to accidentally click the title of a task. So, we have changed the way tasks are dragged and dropped. You can now use almost the entire area of a task for dragging. If you would like to see the details of a task, click on the round plus icon at the bottom left corner.

REST API and Console Interface

REST API Console
Interactive console to test your REST API requests from inside flow.

May 4th, 2010

flow supports a simple yet powerful REST API. You can send standard HTTP requests (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) to read, add, update, and delete resources, respectively.

For example, to get the list of members on your board, you can send the following request: GET /members.format where .format is .json or .xml

flow comes with an interactive console that you can use to test your REST API requests from inside flow.

There is no need to construct queries. You can directly enter requests like:

GET /task/2444.json

For non-GET requests, you can enter parameters in JSON format. For example:

POST /task.xml { user_id: 1, project_id: 1, task_text: 'Test', task_type_id: 1 }

For more information, see the flow REST API Reference.

Interactive Charts

Interactive Charts

March 30th, 2010

You can now hover the mouse pointer over the metrics charts to see detailed data for each bar:

  • Cycle Breakdown:
    Which tasks are completed on each day and their individual cycle and working cycle times.

  • Number of Tasks in Each Column:
    The exact number of tasks in each column.

Archived Projects

Archived Projects

March 26th, 2010

If you have a lot of projects, you can clean up the projects tab by archiving old projects. Click the "Edit" icon in the Projects tab, and simply drag and drop your old projects to the Archived column.

Archived projects do not appear in the Projects tab nor do they appear on the project permissions page. No one can view or make changes on an archived project until you make it Active again.

Although you can archive as many projects as you would like, flow will not let you archive a project if it is the last remaining active project.

Google™ Account Integration


March 18th, 2010

If you used a Google account (Gmail, Google Apps, etc.) to sign up for flow, you can now login by using your Google account. When you invite new users to your board, they can bypass the registration process by using their Google accounts, too.

flow is now listed in the Google Apps Marketplace under the Project Management category. Please take a moment to write a review and share your experience with others.

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